The impact of private gifts to Perimeter College is seen in more than dollars. It is visible in faces. It is found in lives. Gifts become textbooks for students, professional development for faculty and even an opportunity for choral students to perform at Carnegie Hall. Donations can evolve into student programs, computers, buildings and campuses.

Through scholarships, gifts provide time for students to spend on nursing clinicals instead of on waiting tables, time for studying accounting instead of maintaining lawns, time for learning how to write fiction instead of walking dogs. For many students, your gifts make a college degree possible.

Gifts also help Perimeter College propel our state forward, creating a more highly educated workforce so Georgia can remain economically competitive in an increasingly global marketplace. From science, technology, engineering and math disciplines to dental hygiene, nursing and teacher education, Perimeter College prepares students to meet our region’s most critical workforce needs, not just for today, but for tomorrow and the years ahead.

Economic challenges and budget realities have dramatically cut government funding for higher education. Private support has never been more important. It is support from alumni, faculty and staff, private citizens, corporations and philanthropic foundations that enables Perimeter College to continue to give students a high-quality, life-changing education and opportunity to succeed.

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Our donors give generously to the Foundation to help Perimeter College students cover the cost of tuition, fees, books and–in some cases–other educational expenses. The Foundation offers merit-based, need-based and service-based scholarships for our students, including the newly established 50th Anniversary Endowed Scholarship Fund in honor of Georgia Perimeter’s 50th anniversary.

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For many students, privately funded scholarships are what bring into reach the high-quality education provided by award-winning faculty at Perimeter College. Scholarships may be endowed to permanently support students in educational pursuits, or provided through annual, recurring gifts. A large majority of Perimeter College students depend on financial assistance to continue their enrollment. Please consider partnering with them by supporting one of the college’s highest priorities: providing scholarship funds to help them transform their lives. Link your legacy with their future.

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Annual Fund

Perimeter College is dedicated to providing access to quality education for thousands of students.

Your gift can support a scholarship that changes a student’s life. Your gift ensures stellar academic and program support continue to be offered to students. Your gift makes a difference. For this year’s campaign we are asking you to consider supporting any of our many scholarships and programs. You also can make an unrestricted gift to support areas of the college where there is the greatest need.

Annual Scholarships

Gifts of all sizes may be made to support scholarships for Perimeter College students year after year. Available scholarship funds are awarded to support students who are most in need, providing an avenue to offset educational costs that may interfere with their continued enrollment.

Donors may make their gifts through the college’s annual fund and can be directed to a number of scholarships.

George Fellows Memorial Golf Tournament

The George Fellows Memorial Golf Tournament is the Foundation’s premier fundraising event. Started in 1998, the golf tournament is the perfect combination of philanthropy and friendly competition. Since 2000, the tournament has raised $800,000 for academic initiatives, student programs and faculty/staff development.

Endowed Scholarships

Why should you consider endowing a scholarship at Perimeter College?

Endowed scholarships provide a personal and permanent way for donors to help Perimeter College students transform their lives through education. Endowed scholarships also provide a way for a donor to honor or memorialize someone who has made a difference in his or her life.

With the rising cost of education, many students are faced with financial challenges that could hinder or derail their education. Endowed scholarships support students to perpetuity and can extend a donor’s vision or legacy. Scholarships may be established by an individual, a family or group who seek to honor or memorialize someone or an organization that wishes to expand its community outreach. Regardless of the motivation, supporting scholarships is an investment in human capital that benefits students now as they prepare to affect the lives of others.

Please consider endowing a scholarship at Perimeter College. Your support will help transform the lives of students for generations to come and also will ensure the continuation of your legacy or the legacy of a loved one.


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We enjoy sharing the story of Perimeter College and the life-changing impact private support makes in students’ lives. Be a part of that story. Connect with us and learn how.

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