Upload Your Documents

1. First, get your GPC ID number

Your GPC ID number, also known as the “900” number, is your ticket. You will need your last name, your date of birth, and the last four digits of your Social Security number


2. Next, Log into MyStatus

Click on the button below to go to the “MyStatus” page.

MyStatus is your window into your application status. It will show you where you are with your admission, and also allow you to start uploading required documents.

You will need your last name, your GPC ID number, your birth date. Once you are in MyStatus — if you have never been there — the system will ask you to sign up for text alerts. Then, you will receive text alerts whenever any event happens with your admission, financial aid, or at other important times. If you change your mind later, you can go back to MyStatus to sign up or change your text alerts.


3. Then, Follow the instructions

    The documents you can upload are:

  • Change of Major Forms
  • Change of Personal Information Forms
  • Change of Status Forms
  • DD214 (Military Students)
  • Dual Enrollment Parental Consent Forms
  • Georgia Driver’s License/ID Card
  • Immunization Documents
  • Legal Name Change Documents
  • Prime Timer/Try College Forms
  • Copies of Social Security Cards
  • Transient Letters
  • Copies of U.S. Passports
It is not possible to upload high school or college transcripts, official test scores, or copies of official birth certificates. We will only accept the documents specified in the drop down box.

Tips For Uploading Documents