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Pablo Rafael Conde Pedroso

Chemistry Lab Supervisor    

Master of Science, Analytical Chemistry, May 2002
University of Louisville, KY

Diploma de Licenciado en Química (B.S. in Chemistry) , May 1987
Universidad Central de las Villas, Santa Clara, Cuba


Analytical Chemistry (Electrochemistry)


Journal and Other Refereed Papers
Preet M. Singh and Jamshad Mahmood, Stress corrosion cracking of 304L stainless steel in sodium sulfide containing caustic solutions, Corrosion, Vol. 59, No. 10, pp843-8502003
Andrew Colburn and Preet M. Singh, Degradation of Refractory Materials in Molten Salts of Black Liquor Gasifiers, Submitted to Scripta Metall et Mat. 2003
Jorge J. Perdomo, Preet M. Singh, Pablo Conde, Steve, J. Pawel, Feasibility of Electrochemical Noise (ECN) Measurements in Kraft Pulping Liquors. Submitted to Corrosion, 2002
Jorge J. Perdomo and Preet M. Singh, Electrochemical Noise (ECN) Measurements as a Corrosion Monitoring Tool. Corrosion Reviews, Vol. 20, No. 5, pp 360-378, 2002.

Papers Published in Conference Proceedings
Preet M. Singh, Jorge J. Perdomo, Jamshad Mahmood, Pablo Conde, Stress Assisted Corrosion in Laboratory, Paper #04518, Corrosion-04. Now Orleans, March 2004.
Jorge J. Perdomo, Pablo R. Conde, Jamshad Mahmood, Preet M. Singh, Corrosion Prevention During Acid Cleaning IN Digesters and Evaporators, Paper #04246, Corrosion-04. Now Orleans, March 2004.