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Jason Jones


BSc(Hons) Chemistry, University of Kent at Canterbury, England
PhD (Physical Chemistry), Middlesex University, London , England.


X-ray diffraction


Selected publications:
• In situ X-ray topography measurement of the growth temperature dependence of the critical thickness of epitaxial InGaAs on GaAs – J. Phys D. Appl Phys 34 (2001) A109-A113
• Dependence of the critical thickness on Si doping of InGaAs on GaAs – Applied Physics Letters 77 (14) 2156-2158 2000.
• Precursor Design for Liquid Injection CVD of Lead Scandium Tantalate Thin Films – Integrated Ferroelectrics 2000 30 p19-26.
• Liquid injection metal organic chemical vapour deposition of lead scandium tantalate thin films for infrared devices – Journal of Crystal Growth 219 (4) 390-396 2000.
• Statistical method for the identification of peak movement in spectral data: application to X-ray diffraction patterns of manganese oxyhydroxides – Measurement Science & Technology 9 1998 p1239-1246.
• Sputtered lead scandium tantalate thin films: crystallization behaviour during post-deposition annealing – J. Phys. D: Appl Phys 34(2001) 3121-3129.