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Daniel Guyton

Part-Time Instructor    

MFA in Drama, University of Georgia
BA in English and Theatre, SUNY Albany


Playwriting, screenwriting, acting, directing


–Featured in ‘Best 10-Minute Plays of 2016’ (Smith & Kraus Publishing), 2016
–Featured in ‘105 Five-Minute Plays for Study and Performance’ (Smith & Kraus Publishing), 2016
–Featured in ‘Masrahona’, an Egyptian theatre newspaper, 2016
–‘Dead Giveaway’ (Heuer Publishing), 2016
–Featured in ‘Best Women’s Stage Monologues of 2016’ (Smith & Kraus Publishing), 2016
–Featured in ‘Best Men’s Stage Monologues of 2016’ (Smith & Kraus Publishing), 2016
–Featured in ‘Audition Monologues for Young Men 2016’ (Pioneer Drama Services), 2016
–Featured in ‘Monologues from the Plays of Next Stage Press, Vol. 1’ (Next Stage Press), 2016
–‘The Boy Who Cried Werewolf’ (Pioneer Drama Services), 2016
–‘Hilarious Nightmares II’ (Next Stage Press), 2016
–Featured Article in ‘Dramatists’ Magazine (Volume 17, No. 5.5), 2015
–‘The Mother of God Visits Hell’ (Indie Theatre Now), 2015
–‘Where’s Julie?’ (Indie Theatre Now), 2015
–‘Last of the Tannenbaums’ (Heuer Publishing), 2015
–Featured in ‘Best Women’s Stage Monologues of 2015’ (Smith & Kraus Publishing), 2015
–Featured in ‘One on One: Contemporary Monologues for Kids Ages 7-15’ (Applause Theatre… Books), 2015
–Featured in ‘Best American Short Plays 2013-14’ (Applause Theatre & Cinema Books), 2015
–Featured in ‘Best American Short Plays 2012-13’ (Applause Theatre & Cinema Books), 2014
–Featured in ‘Famous Last Words: A Collection of 12 Ten Minute Plays…’ (Heuer Publishing), 2014
–Featured in ‘Best Men’s Stage Monologues of 2014’ (Smith & Kraus Publishing), 2014
–Featured in ‘Best Women’s Stage Monologues of 2014 (Smith & Kraus Publishing), 2014
–Featured in ‘Best Contemporary Monologues for Men 18-35’ (Applause Theatre Books), 2014
–Featured in ‘Best Contemporary Monologues for Women 18-35’ (Applause Theatre Books), 2014
–Featured in ‘InterJACtions: Monologues at the Heart of Human Nature III’ (JAC Publishing), 2014
–‘Hilarious Nightmares’ (Next Stage Press), 2013
–Featured in ‘Monologues from the Last Frontier Theatre Conference’ (Focus Publishing), 2013
–‘Mrs. Claus Gets Menopause’ (ArtAge Publishing), 2013
–‘Romance is Dead’ (Original Works Publishing), 2013
–‘Abandoned: A Chapbook of Poetry’ by Daniel Guyton (Feral Press), 2013
–‘Georgie Gets a Facelift’ (Original Works Publishing), 2013
–’52 Monologues for Grown-Ups (and College Kids)’ by Daniel Guyton (Amazon Publishing), 2012
–Featured in ‘InterJACtions: Monologues at the Heart of Human Nature II’ (JAC Publishing), 2012
–‘Rebel Without a Claus’ (Heuer Publishing), 2012
–‘Rosie, the Retired Rockette’ (Heuer Publishing), 2012
–‘How I Met Your Santa’ (Heuer Publishing), 2012
–‘Death of a Snowman’ (Heuer Publishing), 2010
–Featured in ‘Cherry Poppin’ Plays 2009’ Anthology (Alive Theatre), 2009
–‘I’m Not Gay!’ (Amazon Publishing), 2009
–‘The Twisted Mind of Daniel Guyton (Poetry & Plays in the Dark Comedy Vein)’ (Amazon Publishing), 2009
–Featured in ‘One Acts of Note 2008’ (Desert Road Publishing), 2009
–‘Attic’ (Original Works Publishing), 2005
–Featured in ‘Best Student One-Acts: Volume 7’ (Dramatic Publishing Company), 2002

Recognitions and Awards

--Arkansas Theatre Collective’s Spring Cleaning Festival; Winner – Audience Favorite Award, 2016
--Helen-Jean Play Contest; Winner – Literary Creativity Award, 2015
--Almost Random Theatre Valentine’s Day Playwriting Competition; Winner – Best Play, 2015
--End of the Road New Play Festival; Winner – Judges’ Choice Award, 2015
--Los Angeles Film and Script Festival; Winner – Best Horror Screenplay, 2013
--Atlanta 48-Hour Film Project; Winner – Best Writing, Ensemble Acting, & Audience Choice Awards, 2013 Monologue Competition; Winner – Best Female Monologue, 2012
--Gotta Go! Newsletter; 2x Winner – “Favorite of the Evening” Award – 2009-11
--Northwest Zone H.S. Drama Festival; Winner – Best Production, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Sound Awards; Canada, 2008
--Author’s Playhouse New Author Festival; Winner – Best Comedy Award, 2005
--Kennedy Center/ACTF Awards; 2x Winner – Short Play, 2x Finalist – 10-Minute Play, 2001-04
--University of Georgia; Winner – Amazing Student Award, 2004
--Waverly Avenue Elementary School; Winner – 6th Grade Spelling Bee, 1988
--Moonlit Wings; Top 10 Finalist – Playwriting Contest, 2016
--Arts & Letters Magazine; Finalist – One Act Play Competition, 2015
--Minnesota Shorts Festival of Plays; 2x Semi-Finalist, 2012 & 2015
--University of Georgia’s 40 Under 40 Award; 5-time nominee, 2011-15
--Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival; Honorable Mention, 2014
--The Princess Grace Playwriting Fellowship; Semi-Finalist, 2014
--Little Fish Theatre’s Pick of the Vine Festival; Semi-Finalist, 2014
--New York City Estrogenius Festival; Honorable Mention, 2014
--Last Frontier Theatre Conference; 3-time Official Selection, 2012-14
--Eerie Horror Film Festival; Top 5 Finalist – Best Screenplay, 2013
--Independent Play(w)right’s 10-Minute Play Competition; Top 10 Finalist, 2013
--Stageworks/Hudson’s Play by Play Festival; Top 10 Finalist, 2013
--Play-Makers Spokane Hit & Run VII Festival; Semi-Finalist, 2013
--Time to Strike! Playwriting Festival; Top 10 Finalist, 2012
--Spotlight On: One Person Play Competition; Semi-Finalist, 2012
--Dimensions Magazine; 4x Finalist, 1990-1995

Committees and Organizations

Playcrafters, Working Title Playwrights, Dramatists Guild, Writers Guild of America