Perimeter College Visitor Parking Request Form

Visitor Parking Request Form - Perimeter Campuses

  • We appreciate your interest in using one of our parking areas for your event. Due to university student enrollment projects, and other campus obligations, your request will be reviewed for availability. Someone will contact you to let you know if the space is available and the required additional information that may be needed.
  • Please separate dates with a comma if more than one.
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  • (For planning purposes only - not a reservation)
  • Guest Name(s)

    Please provide up to 6 guest names below. For groups of 7 or more, please upload names on an Excel Spreadsheet below. For groups of 50 or more, please call 404-413-9500.
  • For groups of more than 6, please list alphabetically by last name in an Excel file and attach the file. For groups of 50 or more, please call 404-413-9500
  • Event Information

    Event Information: Please note that all programs scheduled at the college are subject to billing charges. All events will require the following and will be part of the official reservation process: 1) Certificate of Liability Insurance (Group must furnish current insurance policy at time of request. Liability policy must be in the amount of $1,000,000/ $3,000,000/ $5,000,000.) 2) Facilities Use Agreement: Standard 3) Georgia State University Police coverage based on number of attendees and event type at the rate of $40.00 / hour external groups and $35.00/ hour for internal groups. 4) Other fees may apply based on event type
  • Your signature indicates that you understand that this is a preliminary request only and additional information may be required.
  • GSU reserves the right to change facility assignments or cancel any previously scheduled event if such change or cancellation is needed to meet the needs of the college. By submitting this form, you are requesting availability for the use of parking facilities. Someone from the GSU Parking Office will contact you within 48 hours to notify you of availability.