Perimeter College provides resources and support for active duty military, National Guard or Reserve, and veteran students, spouses and dependents.

The Military Outreach Center actively maintains information regarding campus resources, communications and contact with military and veteran students, local VA support services and Veteran Services Organizations.

The The Military Outreach Center Office assists former service personnel and other students eligible for veterans’ educational benefits. The office provides counseling and advisement services, and certifies enrollment with the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Immunization requirements for admission may be waived by providing proof of active duty/service within the two years prior to the start of classes. You may prove this by:

      1. Submitting the DD214 with appropriate dates listed for “armed forces” immunization exemption.
      2. Submitting a military immunization form DD2766 or 2766C with appropriate dates listed.
      3. Showing your original military identification card to GPC staff so it can be transposed onto GPC’s “Confirmation/Review of Military ID Form”. This must be done in person. Do NOT photocopy your military ID and send/transmit it to us.

Otherwise, applicants must satisfy immunization requirements set by the State of Georgia.

College Credit for Military Training

In accordance with University System of Georgia policy, Perimeter College uses the criteria below to offer physical education credit for military service indicated on a Joint Services Transcript (JST), ACE (American Council on Education) transcript or Air University/CCAF (Community College of the Air Force) transcripts. Defense Language Institute transcripts may also be submitted for foreign language credit evaluation.

Physical Education Credit

      1. Basic military training should serve as substitutes for Physical Conditioning for a total of three semester hour credits: One for PHED 1101 (Choices for Life) and two for a PHED 0004 (Physical Education Activity), for a total of three credit hours.
      2. Experience beyond basic military training should be evaluated based upon length and type of activity and the level of accomplishment in the specific activity. For example:
        • A Navy Seal may receive credit for swimming.
        • A medic may receive credit for first aid.
        • A military policeman may receive credit for self-defense.
      3. Credit by examination may be offered to students having mastered a specific area of the basic physical education requirement.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Testing

Credit by examination is a process by which a student who believes he or she is proficient in an academic subject may take a CLEP test to earn credit. Visit the CLEP website for more information on cost, required scores and list of academic courses.

Admissions Details

A $20 non-refundable application fee is due at the time of application submission. Carefully review and complete all sections of the application, especially the residency information. Failure to answer questions correctly or provide information will delay and/or affect admission consideration.
Perimeter College processes admission documents and renders admission decisions on a rolling basis. A student’s application is valid for a total of three terms of entry, including the term marked initially on the application and the following two terms of entry. Students who wish to be considered for a term of entry within this time frame must submit a reactivation form and any required credentials by the document due date for the desired term of entry.

  • Fall Semester (starts in August) — Due by August 1
  • Spring Semester (starts in January) — Due by November 1
  • Summer Semester (starts in late May) — Due by April 1
Late applications and/or documents are accepted, but Perimeter College may be unable to make an admission decision in time for the student to start classes on the first day. The earlier an applicant completes the application and submits all required documents, the greater the chance of starting classes on the first day. Late applicants may be able to register for second-half classes if full semester classes already have begun.
Admission documents may be mailed directly to the Perimeter College address below or delivered in person in the original sealed envelope to a Perimeter College Enrollment and Registration Services office. Transcripts and test scores must be official.

Mail to: Office of Admissions
Perimeter College
P.O. Box 89000
Atlanta, GA 30356

Immunization, verification of lawful presence documents (EXCEPT for birth certificates) and non-academic documents may be faxed to 678-891-3211.

Birth certificates must be brought to the campus and verified by Perimeter College staff.

Once an applicant has submitted a Perimeter College application, an official letter indicating a Perimeter College identification number will be mailed to that applicant. This ID number is required for an applicant to view the Check My Status page and sign up for text alerts. If you are unsure of your Perimeter College ID, you can retrieve your Perimeter College ID here.

Perimeter College will review an applicant’s record to make an admission decision after all required documents have been submitted, evaluated and posted to the applicant’s record. Please allow up to 21 days for each document to be scanned and evaluated before it can be posted to an applicant’s record.

An applicant’s Check My Status page is the quickest way to view the applicant’s admission checklist and real-time admission processing updates, including an admission decision.

All documents submitted become and remain the property of Perimeter College and will not be returned to the applicant, duplicated or transferred to another institution. Any applicant withholding or falsifying application data or documentation is subject to dismissal without refund.