Move On When Ready for Homeschool Students

An applicant who is in the process of completing high school graduation requirements under a non-accredited home school program or at a non-accredited high school may be considered for admission to the Dual Enrollment program. Applicants in this category must be 16 to 18 years of age and must submit the following required documents by the application due date of the anticipated term of enrollment.

  1. Perimeter College Application for Admission. The application fee is waived for all MOWR students.
    • Perimeter College’s application is available online at GAFutures.
    • A Perimeter College application is valid for three consecutive terms, including the term of application.
  2. Official College Board or ACT score report with required SAT and/or ACT test scores
    • Applicants must meet or exceed the minimum SAT combined score of 980 or minimum ACT composite score of 20. Applicants also must be exempted from Learning Support by meeting or exceeding the minimum SAT Verbal/Critical Reading score of 480 and SAT Mathematics score of 500, or applicants must meet or exceed the minimum ACT English score of 20 and ACT Mathematics score of 21.
    • You may be eligible for college credit at Perimeter College for most AP exams on which you score 3 or higher. Perimeter College’s code is 5711.
    • Information for requesting official scores or documentation may be found at the SAT, ACT, CLEP, AP and IB websites.
    • Do NOT pay for expedited delivery of SAT and/or ACT scores. Perimeter College requires 5 – 7 business days to process each admission document after it is received.
  3. Home School Portfolio: A Home School Portfolio Summary form along with supporting documentation. The summary form and documentation must substantiate completion of all Required High School Curriculum units equivalent to a Georgia public high school sophomore. Failure to submit adequate supporting documentation will delay admission processing. Official transcripts from any regionally accredited public or private high schools attended also must be submitted with the portfolio.
  4. Declaration of Intent to Utilize a Home Study Program submitted to the local school district. Information on this form may be verified with the local school district.
  5. MOWR Student Participation Agreement. The Student Participation Agreement, signed by the student, parent and high school counselor.
  6. Immunization Records. Applicants must satisfy immunization requirements set by the state of Georgia. Forms must be uploaded at
  7. Document Upload. Applicants may upload many documents required for admission, except for official transcripts, test scores, or birth certificates.