Logo and Identity Guidelines

At Georgia State University, we refer to college marks that tie colleges to the university as “lock-ups.” Correct and consistent use of the Perimeter College lock-up builds awareness of the college and supports its reputation for quality and service.

The Perimeter College lock-up consists of three parts: the Georgia State University registered logo, the vertical dividing bar and the college name.


The logotype

typeThe university logotype is set in a highly modified form of a standard typeface. Because this typeface has been modified, individuals should never try to recreate the logotype using a standardized font. Copies of the logo — with approved logotype configurations — are available from the Division of University Relations.

Type use

The university has two official typefaces, Gill Sans and Usherwood. Both fonts are very readable and are available in a variety of formats. If Gill Sans is not available, substitute Helvetica in its place. If Usherwood is unavailable, substitute Times Roman in its place.

Color use

The university logo is a trademarked image, and all its configurations, including the college lock-up, should
appear in the colors outlined below. The official colors of the university are blue (PMS 286) and white. Accent colors are grey and red. Strong use of the university blue is encouraged. The university red should play a secondary, minimal role. The flame may only be blue or white — never red.



College Name

Approved Name References for Perimeter College and Georgia State University
Just how do you refer to our college? What about our university?
Georgia State University’s Office of Public Relations and Marketing Communications has approved the following style guidelines for Georgia State University’s and Perimeter College’s name. To promote consistency and branding, all employees are encouraged to follow these guidelines.

Approved Name References for Perimeter College
For our college, the preferred name on first reference is: Georgia State University’s Perimeter College
Because this tends to project a casual feel, other options are available if the above sounds or looks inappropriate:

  • Perimeter College at Georgia State University (This works well for formal use, such as invitations, etc.)
  • Georgia State University Perimeter College (This often works as an adjective, such as Georgia State University Perimeter College students, etc. This also is used frequently in social media because of its brevity.)
    On second references, the college name can be shortened to Perimeter College.
  • Perimeter College should not be referred to as “PC” or “GSU-PC” or similar abbreviations. If a short descriptive reference is needed after first reference to the full name of the college, “Perimeter” may be used, as in “Perimeter students,” “Perimeter policies,” etc.

Approved Name References for Georgia State University
Our national and international identity hinges on the words “Georgia State University.” Do not use the initialism “GSU.” Beyond our community of insiders, this acronym is not well recognized and may be confused with other institutions.
We want to proclaim the university’s name, not obscure it. Some of your readers may use the term “GSU” themselves, but never risk minimizing the recognition or impact of the name “Georgia State University.” In general, use the full name “Georgia State University” the first time you refer to the university in text. Upon second reference and thereafter, use “Georgia State” or “university.” Per Associated Press (AP) style, use lowercase when using “the university” as a reference.
Right: Georgia State University is in Atlanta. The university was started in 1913.
“GSU” may be used on social media and within athletics or when writing for internal audiences familiar with the university.