Fitness And Recreation

Statistics show healthier students perform better academically and have a better mental outlook on life. Research also proves healthier employees are more productive on the job and take fewer sick days. The Fitness and Recreation program seeks to provide avenues for students—as well as faculty and staff—to improve or maintain their health and fitness.

The university is committed to providing the facilities, equipment, programs and events to inspire and motivate students to remain on the path to better health. Each campus offers a variety of fun, challenging and entertaining activities, such as Zumba, yoga and Pilates classes, as well as fitness boot camps.

For the sports-minded student, there are opportunities to participate in intramural activities, such as flag football, basketball, soccer, golf and tennis.

Outdoor Adventures programs include whitewater rafting, high ropes/zip line courses, horseback riding, dragon boat rowing and paint ball.

Explore Each Campus

Students enrolled for the majority of their classes on the Alpharetta Campus are eligible for free membership at the Just Fitness 4U facility at 11105 State Bridge Road in Alpharetta. In addition, fitness and recreation programs on Clarkston, Decatur, Dunwoody and Newton campuses are open to Alpharetta students.

Fitness and Recreation facilities at the Clarkston Campus include the gym, weight room, cardio area, indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, soccer fields, male/female locker rooms, foosball table, table tennis, boxing/martial arts training area, stereo systems, 65-inch TV and Wii/Playstations game boards and snack seating area.

Fitness and Recreation facilities at the Decatur Campus include a fitness center, gymnasium with basketball courts and table tennis and pool.

Fitness and Recreation facilities at the Dunwoody Campus include a weight room, aerobic studio, cardio zone, gym foyer seating area with ping pong, badminton, foosball and tennis courts.

Fitness and Recreation facilities at the Newton Campus includes cardio and weight equipment, group exercise classes and a game area with ping pong and Foosball tables, chess games, life-sized checkers and Jenga blocks.